Subway Surfers Apk

Subway Surfers Apk

Subway Surfers Apk

Subway Surfers Apk

Subway Surfers Apk   is a cloud gaming service. That means you can play PC games with PCs from your low-power device, and this game is now offered in the mobile market. It has been first launched in the case of subway surfers e beta applications. This service is currently released only for Android and 6.0 versions.

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Google has converted the Maps app into a Pac-Man game on the April-Fool event. Google Map users on the desktop or smartphone open an app by tapping them on an icon or clicking on the small window of the Insert Coin by their local Pac-Man can play on location.

subway surfers If the location of the audience happened where the game can not be loaded, the application itself opens the option of selecting a game in the world.
Players get 5 chances to avoid all the Dates and Fruits Eating enemy ghosts blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.
Google introduced video game Pokemon in the maps of April 2014, which consumed various creatures using the app.
Subway Surfers Apk  Microsoft launches Project Scorpio Gaming Console. It has been named subway surfers . This console holds power of 6-bit flops. It has 8 core special AMD CPU speed 2.3 GHz.
This console uses modern leaked cooling and supercharger style centrifugal feaval fan for cooling.
Xbox One will be available with x 8GB flash memory and 1 tb storage.

subway surfers It also has a UHD Blu-ray optical disk drive for 4K content.
For wireless connectivity it includes WiFi, Bluetooth and IR. Commenting on his design, Microsoft says it’s the smallest console that he has made so far.



subway surfers Microsoft will launch 22 console, including Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of ​​Thieves.
Xbox One X will be offered for sale on November 7. It’s worth $ 499.
A few days ago news was reported that Atari is working on a new console and is developing the developers for it. Now both of these news has been confirmed.
Attorney’s CEO Fred Shenney told Game Beet that everyone’s favorite classic game company is definitely working on a new console.

subway surfers A new taser video with an attraction of Atlas’s new console came to normal, but this video did not get more information about the console.

The Subway Surfers Apk e video title shows that this is a new entity product. Many people had declared the trash boxer’s taser, but Fred confirmed it, but they did not tell how the new game console actually was. Will be . Fred has just said that the new console will be PC based technology.

subway surfers Nobody has announced special smartphone for Gaming, Red Magic. Before the announcement, Shomi introduced the gaming phone Black Shark. Phone has a great system of air cooling. The graphite layer of this phone also plays an important role in keeping the phone cool.
The Red Magic 2160×1080 pixel resolution has 6 “LTPS display. It is covered with the NEG Dinorex T2X-1 glass.
The phone contains 6 GB or 8GB B RAM and 64 GB or 128GB internal storage with the CALCOM Snap Dragon 835 SOO.

Subway Surfers Apk s Contrary to Red Magic, Shomi Black Black Shark has the latest 845 chip set of crystal.
The Red Magic Main Camera is 8 megapixel with f / 1.7 lanes with a 24-megapixels and front camera f / 2.0 wide angle lens.
Nabia Red Magic has 3800 mAh battery with fast charging support.

There is a fingerprint scanner on the phone’s back. There is only one speaker in the phone but it supports DTS.

subway surfers The Red Magic launcher is installed based on Android 8.1 Odyssey.
This phone will be offered on April 26 to IndieGogo for $ 399. Phone sale in China will start from April 25. Its 6GB RMB + 64 GB storage version price is 2499 yuan or 399 dollars and 8 gb + 128 GB storage version is 2999 yuan or $ 479. Earlier buyers of this phone will also be t-shirt, bag pack and some other gifts.
Shomi has launched a new gaming smart phone called Black Shark. It’s a new device with customization hardware. The new type of cooling system for the new gaming performances in this phone, the new ISP, the latest snap Dragons have 845 chip sets and 4000 mAh battery.
This phone with a 5.99 inch 18: 9 IPSLCD display is the full HD Plus.

subway surfers Snap Dragon 845 Chip is General Kryo 385 Core and Adreno 630 GPU. For the best performances, the phone has a multi-stage integrated liquid cooling system that keeps the CPU temperature down to 8 degrees Celsius.
The phone does not have micro SD slots, but is available in two types of storage options, 6 GB remote / 64 GB internal storage and 8 GB remote and 128 GB internal storage.

subway surfers new image processing chip in the phone, which offers colors better.
This phone has a speaker. This phone has micro gaming oriented, which can be used for radio chat while playing ordinary phone calls and gaming. The phone body is made in the X-Sheep for a strong hold, and antennas have been added to its frames. Users can connect black shark gaming pads with this phone.
This gaming pad is like the switch of thesubway surfers  The first 50,000 buyers of the phone will be able to get this gaming pad free. The gaming pad has 340 mAh battery and can also be connected through Bluetooth. There is also a “Shark” button on the left side of this phone, which makes specific phone calls for all running runs.
JOI UI is installed with Android in Android.
subway surfers 12 MP f / 1.75 + 20 MP f / 1.75 dual camera set up with 6 p lines and dual LED fusion on phone back. The first of them is pixel size of 1.25 μm and one μm pixels of the other. Phone cell phone is 20 megapixel with f / 2.2 lens.
subway surfers April 20 this phone can be pre-ordered on Then it will be bought in black knight black or ski-gray colors. This phone’s 8GB / 128GB version cost 3499 yuan or 557 dollars or 452 euros and 6 GB / 64GB versions of 2999 yuan or 477 dollars or 387 euros. This price also makes the phone a cheapest phone with Snap Dragon 845 Chip Set. Phone gaming pads will be sold separately in 179 yuan or 28 dollars or 23 euros.
Facebook is making a new feature experience that users will be able to find other video game players.
Some Facebook users say they are now seeing a new icon called “Find Players”. It looks in the area that works for Facebook Post and Status Update.

subway surfers From this option, users can give their name a name, describe its description, can include the tag and the picture.
subway surfers  is doing a lot of experiment experiences. Their experiences started from the month of October. This feature is appearing in groups that are made of video games.

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