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Surfing Games Do not you feel scared of ghosts? If this is true then you can play subway surfers  Alternative Game Ghost Buster World. The game’s foundation is also on location and it is played using Fire-conditioned Realty.
Surfing Games Last week, a demo version of Ghost Buster World was presented with Diego Comk. In this game players catch ghosts with a protein pack.



Surfing Games Contrary to subway surfers , the Ghost Buster World is built with the help of the Google Map platform and has recently been made for developers and scenarios for Thy de-buildings have been added.
According to reports, this game contains four different types of proton packs that have different range of blast power. It is exactly as subway surfers  is easily caught with Monsterzko with the help of great balls and master balls.
Surfing Games Now you want to play subway surfers  Quiet Games instead of Pokemon. After launching this game on the switch, Android and IOS have also been released for users.
This game’s cubic style will be like the fans of the mine craft or the chariot road. It also combines pokemon adventures.

In this you are friends of Wild subway surfers  and Light subway surfers Elements help you during the game.
Pokemon Quiver is available free of charge for Android and IOS users. Click here to download it from Google Play Store.
Click here to download from the app store.

People who play this game can get more items from the dormitory portal or buy weapons through the app store.
In this game, players’ phone parameters are monitored by their parameters. The players get prizes after catching the cafes away.
According to the report, this game is subway surfers , but it has been released with ghosts.
This game player versus player and storage mode can be played.
The demo version also features an subway surfers game feature. If it is difficult to use Chat feature, it can also be terminated.
It is expected that Ghost Buster will be released with the world of about 150 ghosts on IOS and Enduro, this year’s end. Currently there are only trailers and social media pages links to this game site.
The popularity of Fortnite is increasing rapidly. After launching the IOS, the game created a new record of immunity.
In Fort subway surfers, Fort Night traveled an important milestone on the IOS launch. Apple’s App Store has increased its earnings over $ 100 million.

Due to such great popularity, Fort Knight is second in terms of Clash Royale’s income. Clash Royale crossed 100 million target in 51 days, while in 90 days his earnings were $ 154 million.
Remember that in the first two months of Launch, this game was an overweight oblie, that the users who received this invitation could play it. If this game was open from the beginning, it would surely be the first number.

Epic Games has announced that the game’s most likely to be played on Android will be introduced on this platform (June to August). Fort Knight of Epic Games (Fortnite) ) Was waiting for Android for a long time. It was introduced on the App Store in March.
The Epic Games has announced that some new features have been made in the Android version.

An important feature is video chat, with this feature users will be able to chat with their friends. Anyone can mute this feature, after which players can chat voice. The battery saver mode included in the app will reduce graphics settings, which will last longer than the battery. The feature of tracking tracks in the mobile version of the gum has been added. Game iOS version has recently been added to subway surfers HUD.
Auto-run features will be added better with less installation and update size in the game. Apart from this, graphics performances have also been improved.
subway surfers  which was launched in the summer of summer, is no longer so popular, as early as. You may remember that many young people used to see Pokemon at the corner of the corner on their mobile screen. Now those days have gone but Pokemon’s crews filled up.
According to the Censor Tower, analysts company, Pokemon, has earned $ 2.45 billion from its launch.
More than this amount has come from Pokemon titles presented on Android and IOS subway surfers Shuffle has earned $ 25 million. Pokemon’s second titles include Pokemon Duel, Pokemon Quiz, : subway surfers  Zip Jump and  online.
Since 2014, 640 million users have installed subway surfers  Games on their mobile devices.

Out of these, 550 million has installed subway surfers  Goa. The second number includes Pokemon Dial, which has been installed by 39 million users.
subway surfers  is the most in the US. The company has got 35% of the amount spent on US $ 875 million or subway surfers  gross over the world.
There are many fans of subway surfers  in Japan too. The company has received $ 725 million from Japan or 29% of all world income.

If you still do not play Pokemon, click here to download it from the App Store. Click here to download it from Play Store.
Pokemon is a new feature called subway surfers , which can put a new life in this game. With the Sn Snapshot in the application, players can make any subway surfers  images.
This feature is not included in the game yet, but soon it will be added to the updates on both Android and IOS platforms. You can use this feature as a subway surfers look.

There is something like Pokemon’s new photographic mode.
Skeleton Pokemon and tap the screen on the screen to throw subway surfers hair. When you see that Pokemon is sitting in a fine place, you rotate around and see the best angle from where you want to make a picture.
All the pictures made in the game will be saved on your phone, which you can also share on social media.

subway surfers  support in Windows 7. The company has announced that Blizzard Entertainment’s popular game World of Warcraft will be the first title which will support subway surfers in Windows 7.
subway surfers 12 is a low-level API which was released with Windows 10. The goal is to increase performance by reducing the dependence on the drivers.subway surfers can work on multi-core CPUs.
It can enable multi-gpu systems without harder technology such as subway surfers e or SLi.
For the past few years, developers are adding subway surfers  support to their subtitles. If it is well added, its performance is much better than subway surfers .
However many subway surfers  use Windows 7 platforms to play games.

Surfing Games
Surfing Games

The Windows 7 had the latest version of the DX 11, which was supported.

Compatible with subway surfers , Microsoft decided that the subway surfers will be included in Windows 7. Microsoft has explained that even though the subway surfers support has been added to Windows 7, it should be used in Windows 10 for its best performance, because it is designed for Winds 10 only. .
Unfortunately, users of Windows 8 or 8.1 will have to use the subway surfers  badge.